1. Lisa

    Jodi, being there in the little moments, providing the little comforts to those that are entering into their transition- that is one of the greatest gifts you can offer to them. It is the act of taking a moment from your life, sharing it with someone or some being who’s time is short- that is what eases their journey. The caring that is offered, the love, the compassion and the understanding. The gift is not in the physical cure but in the emotional and spiritual healing that is offered by bearing witness and by being an assistant as another passes over. You know this already. That is why you were drawn to Tommy and why you are in Doula training. The final gift is often the most difficult for us to execute but it is just so universally important because it isn’t about us- it’s about the Tommy’s and the friends who need to make that journey and need a friend to walk with them for a time. I’m sorry to hear of Tommy’s passing. He saw you safely and firmly on this path and now he can move on to his next adventure. Blessings to you, to Tommy and to your friend.

  2. Lisa

    PS. It’s OK not to be OK with it all. Feeling that way doesn’t diminish the gift of seeing another safely to the river’s edge

  3. the jodi

    Editor’s Note: A Facebook friend sent me a link to “Friends In Deed”. A free crisis center in Soho. Lovely people who are there for you if you have been diagnosed with a life limiting illness like HIV or cancer – as well for the caregivers and bereaved. They meet six times a week, so for sure, one or two of the meetings would fit into anyone’s schedule.

    Here’s the website : http://www.friendsindeed.org/

    And the rest of the important info:
    Friends In Deed, Inc.
    594 Broadway, Suite 706
    New York, NY 10012

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