if my life had a soundtrack

I heard this one day, driving in my car, listing to WFUV, and I wanted to hear it again, and again, and again. And then I realized, although Greg Brown had never heard of me, and although that moment was the first time I’d heard of him, he’d written the theme song to my life. This is more Greg Brown loveliness to be found…

One thought on “if my life had a soundtrack

  1. Hi Jodi,
    My name is Orlando. I sort of met you on “HowAboutWe”. I was “intrigued” by your first date suggestion of a scouting journey into Strand Bookstores. I usually scout the stacks in the Union Square Barnes & Noble. They have coffee. ­čÖé I followed your link to your blog and…I became more intrigued. I thought before I become a card carrying fan that I should stop reading, write you and see if we could find some mutual ground between Strand and B&N. You know to meet or something. Compare notes. Count the squirrels.

    I write a blog myself (no one really reads it…but it doesn’t stop me from writing). You are invited to visit: http://o-youknow.blogspot.com/ . So much more but…they say less is more on these things. So…Hi. Write back if you like…I am like Sunday morning.

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