Big Edie shakes her moneymaker

what’s the sound of two edies talking?

Big Edie: I saw a great band yesterday. The library has some of the top-top people.

Me: Who?

Big Edie: I don’t remember, but you’d know if I told you. You’d know the name.

Me: He’s famous?

Big Edie: Yes. Maybe. You’d know. Who is the singer I like so much that sounds like the other ones?

Me: Bruce Springsteen?

Big Edie: Yes!

Me: You saw a Bruce Springsteen concert in the East Meadow library?

Big Edie: No. But this one was like that one. All the old ladies were up dancing.

Me: You too?

Big Edie: Me too.

Thanks goodness he didn’t remind her of Mick Jagger. Because we all know God doesn’t like ugly, and neither does Big Edie.

The band that reminds Big Edie of Bruce Springsteen, who she loves for his manliness, his love of charities and his likeness to the old folk singers–but mostly his manliness? Killer Joe & The Lido Soul Revue.

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